Assisting Institutions & Agencies

Public Purpose Programs

RPA’s ability to delve deeply into virtually any nonprofit field with immediate credibility and to access leadership from a broad network makes us a knowledgeable and reliable partner for implementing important programs that may be outside your institutional capacity. We help major private foundations, public sector agencies and nonprofit institutions to design, implement and monitor high-impact, large-scale grantmaking initiatives.

Our deep knowledge of issues including the environment, disaster recovery, arts, education, social justice, development finance and human rights enables RPA to launch programs and take them to scale efficiently and effectively. Our in-house philanthropic experience, technology infrastructure and commitment to transparency ensure that your funds will be re-granted in ways consistent with your institutional goals.

RPA can offer the following services:

  • Conducting field and strategic positioning research
  • Designing and issuing requests for proposals, guidelines
  • Providing applicant outreach and technical assistance
  • Analyzing proposals, conducting due diligence and recommending awards
  • Developing and staffing panels, juries, and advisory boards
  • Collecting reporting data and conducting cluster evaluations

Examples of large-scale, public purpose grant programs we have designed and implemented include:

  • New York State Music Fund: $36 million in over 400 grants to arts, educational, media and public policy organizations to support increased access to music programs throughout the state, especially targeting underserved rural and minority communities and under-recognized music forms
  • Gulf Coast Fund: nearly $3 million in over 250 grants to 147 grassroots, minority-led organizations throughout the Gulf Coast states. Founded soon after the Hurricane Katrina by a collaboration of foundations focused on the environment and environmental health, the Fund is dedicated to empowering historically disenfranchised communities and approaching recovery in a holistic manner.
  • American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Grants: nearly $100 million through 220 grants focusing on environmental health, mental health, and increased access to underserved minority and immigrant communities. Grantees included large medical centers, community health centers, social service agencies and community-based organizations.
  • Cultures of Giving Fund: $2.55 million in 22 grants in the first year of operations to increase the impact of philanthropy in emerging donor communities. Grantees are primarily community funds in African-American, Latino, Asian and Native American communities as well as philanthropic service organizations reaching out to donors of color.