Global Philanthropy

If you want to solve global problems, you need a global perspective. If you’re interested in giving outside the U.S., you can draw on RPA’s worldwide expertise and cultural competency to engage in a broad spectrum of grantmaking. We help American families and institutions reach their goals with international grants; we also advise and assist foundations in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Our work around the world continues a long tradition of the Rockefeller family’s commitment to global philanthropy. We provide fiscal sponsorship to several international programs, including 100 Resilient Cities, which helps cities across five continents face the physical, social and economic challenges of the future. We also play a critical role in supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the SDG Philanthropy Platform, which brings together government, philanthropy and civil society to improve the lives of the world’s most at-risk communities. Our partnership with the Marshall Institute at the London School of Economics creates a platform for serving our European clients and partners.

Interested in learning more about giving? Our Philanthropy Roadmap guides are available in English, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.


SDG Philanthropy Platform

Helping philanthropy engage in the global development agenda.

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