Offering a Charitable Giving Fund

Services for Customized Giving

RPA's Charitable Giving Fund is a flexible, cost-effective way to achieve your charitable aims. It is an optimal alternative for individuals, couples or families seeking expert philanthropic advice without the expense and complexity of forming a private foundation. And, unlike most other charitable funds, RPA awards grants to organizations outside the U.S., relieving you of navigating intricate regulatory requirements.

Our Charitable Giving Fund is easy to establish and provides broad flexibility in its use, permitting you to make grant recommendations on your own timetable. We can provide expert counsel and research as well as create opportunities for younger generations to learn about philanthropy. If you desire, your grants can be made in full anonymity, and your fund is not subject to the public reporting requirements of a private foundation. RPA also offers online access to your fund for making grant recommendations, checking the status of grants and viewing financial information.

Our staff can administer all aspects of your grantmaking, including:

  • Conducting due diligence on prospective recipients
  • Issuing grant letters and awarding payment via check or wire
  • Providing electronic record-keeping for all your grantmaking
  • Generating quarterly reports on your fund investments

Philanthropists Set Spending Deadlines

The Wall Street Journal
May 21, 2009
By Shelly Banjo

A growing number of philanthropists are adopting spending deadlines and sunset provisions to ensure urgent global needs are addressed in a timely way.

By granting the entirety of funds within a certain period of time, these charitable efforts are looking to have a bigger immediate impact than traditional foundations, which are typically set up to last forever and pay out roughly 5% of assets a year.

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