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Winter/Spring 2009

Our newsletter, Linkages in Philanthropy, is dedicated to providing enlightening content and thought leadership on all aspects of effective philanthropy and thoughtful giving. All issues of the newsletter are available for download as a PDF by clicking on the articles listed below. Past issues of Linkages will be added to this page soon. If you would like to join the Linkages mailing list, please send your request to

  1. The Trust Deficit
  2. The Art of Giving
  3. Mission-Related Investing
  4. Educating America
  5. Global Poverty
  6. Health Care’s Challenges
  7. The New New Economy
  8. Diversity & Inclusion: Lessons from the Field
  9. Roundtable Discussion: Professor Muhammad Yunus
  10. On the Docket
  11. Gulf Coast Fund Responds