Current Grantees

As of September 2015, CEPF has funded five cohorts of grantees:

Cohort Five Grantees
Cohort Four Grantees
Cohort Three Grantees
Cohort Two Grantees
Cohort One Grantees


CEPF Cohort Five Grantees

In September 2015, CEPF made its fifth round of grant awards. The grants support nine organizations promoting Deeper Learning through education policy reform and policy implementation in California. A total of $3.60 million was awarded.

CEPF's Fifth Cohort of Grantees Includes:

California Collaborative on District Reform 
The California Collaborative on District Reform convenes district leaders and other practitioners, state policymakers, researchers, and funders in ongoing dialogue, collective problem solving, and action, to improve instruction and student learning across California, especially for the state’s most underserved children. An initiative of the American Institutes for Research (AIR), the Collaborative brings its practitioners and other members into the state and local policy arenas to identify problems of practice and policy, enact solutions to those problems, and implement the solutions effectively. The Collaborative’s 38 members include superintendents from nine of the state’s districts (Fresno, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sanger); key state policy makers (including the current president of the State Board of Education and representatives from the California Department of Education), prominent researchers with expertise in both district- and state-level policy and reform, and support providers, advocates and foundation leaders working to improve education opportunities and outcomes in the state. The Collaborative’s two main goals have remained consistent since its inception nine years ago: building capacity to improve policy and practice; and influencing state and local action.

Career Ladders Project 
The Career Ladders Project (CLP) aims to strengthen student achievement, educational and career advancement for Californians through research, policy and strategic assistance to community colleges and their partners.  CLP leads large-scale initiatives and works with colleges, school districts and employer partners to create more seamless transitions from high school to college, build effective pathways and improve post-secondary and workforce outcomes. As initiatives mature, CLP works with state and local leadership, other reform minded partners and policy makers to promote expansion and replication of successful approaches and to identify and implement systemic policy changes that can better support effective practice and student success.

CLP operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the official auxiliary for the California Community College system.

Californians for Justice 
Californians for Justice (CFJ) aims to close the opportunity gap in education through grassroots community organizing.  CFJ empowers the people most affected by inequity to drive the process of change with their participation and ideas for a just society. CFJ engages student leaders, parent advocates, and allied organizations in grassroots organizing and state advocacy efforts. Annually, CFJ trains 250 student leaders, engages 3,000 youth and parents, and convenes over 50 organizations through alliances CFJ leads.

CFJ bridges local and state-level education reform efforts through work in Sacramento and four regional offices - Fresno, Long Beach, Oakland, and San Jose - that reflect the diversity of California’s population. Over 19 years, CFJ has become known for its leadership in successful education equity campaigns and in statewide alliances that impact long-term systems change. CFJ focuses its efforts in the following issue areas: adequate and equitable funding, college & career readiness, social emotional learning, teacher effectiveness, and school discipline reform.

Children Now 
Children Now is California’s only umbrella research, policy development, communications, and advocacy organization dedicated to improving children’s health, education, and overall well-being. The organization aims to improve outcomes for all 9.3 million California children, ages birth-to-18, especially those who are vulnerable and at-risk, such as the 1.3 million California public school students who are English language learners, 55,000 foster youth, and the nearly half of all California children who are growing up in a poor or low-income household.

For the first time, Children Now is providing children with the same power as influential interest groups by:

  • Providing umbrella representation covering the many individual policy issues impacting kids, and
  • Combining its unmatched policymaking know-how and subject matter expertise with a powerful organized membership.

Children Now's simplified messaging — Pro-Kid® — reflects its umbrella, whole-child approach.

Council for a Strong America 
The Council for a Strong America is the parent organization of three sibling organizations, all working toward the common goal of education reform and increased investments in children and families in California and at the national level. The Council’s “unexpected messengers” for education reform – California’s law enforcement leaders, business leaders, and retired admirals and generals – bring new voices to the conversation, helping stakeholders and the public understand the changes that are critical for the state’s young people to succeed in college, career, and civic life. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is led by more than 400 California police chiefs, sheriffs, district attorneys, and crime survivors who know high quality education is the best way to help young people succeed in life and improve public safety. ReadyNation (formerly America’s Edge) mobilizes more than 100 California business leaders to advocate for education reform for a skilled 21st century workforce, vibrant economy, and employment growth. Mission: Readiness’ retired admirals and generals argue that education reform increases national security by preparing children to succeed in life – whatever career path they choose. 

EdSource, a 38-year-old nonprofit, nonpartisan education organization,  provides timely, useful, accurate and objective information to key education stakeholders and the larger public on education issues and challenges. Through online news reporting and in-depth research, EdSource advances the awareness of major education initiatives in California and the nation, highlights effective models and strategies that are improving student outcomes, and identifies areas in needing change. EdSource writers cover areas that include college and career readiness; early childhood education; student health and wellness, including social and emotional factors behind learning; Common Core and deeper learning, and state policies affecting equity, school funding and school accountability. Through commentaries, EdSource publishes diverse perspectives from advocates, experts and educators in the field.

Education Insights Center 
EdInsights (formerly the Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy or IHELP) was established in 2001. Its mission is to help improve students’ readiness for, and success in, postsecondary education. EdInsights works within and across K-12 and higher education systems, with a focus on supporting traditionally underserved students. Its research, evaluation, technical assistance, policy analysis, and other services support and inform policymakers, practitioners, and educators. EdInsights' exceptional track record of supporting state and education system policy is evidenced by its involvement in legislation focused on student success, and its more recent work includes a focus on the intersections between policy and practice. 

Education Trust-West
Founded in 2001, The Education Trust–West (ETW) is an Oakland-based statewide educational policy, research, and advocacy organization that works for the high academic achievement of all California students at all levels, pre-K through college. ETW exposes opportunity and achievement gaps that separate students of color and low-income students from other youth, and identifies and advocates for the strategies that will forever close those gaps. ETW’s multi-pronged strategy involves engaging and building capacity through collaboration with local-level stakeholders, producing publicly accessible reports based on original analysis on policies and practices, and securing policy wins at state and local levels by engaging state policymakers and district leaders on equity data, research, promising practices, and policy recommendations. ETW’s research has led to changes in state law, and has made national and state headlines for exposing education inequities and identifying promising solutions.

Pivot Learning Partners
Pivot Learning Partners’ mission is to revitalize the public school systems so that all students have the opportunity to succeed in college and career. Pivot partners with education leaders at all levels and provides them with the knowledge, skills and support proven to strengthen educational systems and transform teaching and learning. Pivot envisions a future in which race, class, language, gender, disability and culture are no longer good predictors of educational outcomes for students. 

As one of the largest, most experienced and farthest-reaching nonprofit support providers to public school systems in the state of California, Pivot deeply understands the challenges that stand in the way of all students succeeding. Pivot provides professional development, coaching and technical assistance solutions that are accessible to any education system, regardless of need, size or geography.

CEPF Cohort Four Grantees

In August 2014, CEPF made its fourth round of grant awards. The grants support 11 organizations promoting Deeper Learning through education policy reform and policy implementation in California. A total of $3.75 million was awarded.

CEPF's Fourth Cohort of Grantees Includes:

CEPF Cohort Three Grantees

In September 2013, CEPF made its third round of grant awards. The grants support an ecosystem of 10 nonprofit organizations working on Deeper Learning through policy change in California. A total of $3.02 million was awarded.

CEPF's Third Cohort of Grantees Included:

CEPF Cohort Two Grantees

In August 2012, CEPF made its second round of grant awards. The grants support eight organizations with the potential to positively impact education policy reform in California. A total of $3.1 million was awarded.

CEPF's Second Cohort of Grantees Included:

CEPF Cohort One Grantees

At the end of July 2011, CEPF made its first round of grant awards. The grants supported nine organizations with the potential to impact education policy reform in California. A total of $3.73 million was awarded.

CEPF's First Cohort of Grantees Included: