Africa No Filter

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Arts & Culture

Africa is a creative, innovative, and progressive continent, yet its story is defined by poverty, corruption, disease, poor leadership and conflict. It’s an outdated perception. Africa No Filter works to shift this stereotypical narrative through investments in research that deepens the understanding of the prevailing stories and resulting narratives around Africa and their impact; grant-making to storytellers and artists, as well as arts, culture and media organizations; driving disruption campaigns through alternative stories/storytelling about Africa and building a community of narrative changemakers. Their goal over time is to leave an empowered narrative change ecosystem and an informed community of storytellers who work more deliberately to change harmful narratives within and about Africa. The donor collaborative is one of a few organizations working to shift stereotypical narratives that persist about and within Africa. It is funded by Ford Foundation, Bloomberg, Mellon Foundation, Luminate, Open Society Foundations, Comic Relief, the Hilton Foundation, the British Council and Hewlett Foundation.