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Reimagined Philanthropy: New Book Coming 2023

November 17, 2022

Reimagined Philanthropy: A Roadmap to a More Just World

Drawing on twenty years of practice-based materials, thoughtful interrogation of philanthropy’s legitimacy, firsthand experiences, and approaches for centering equity, Reimagined Philanthropy: A Roadmap to a More Just World features:

  • An inside look on how to amp up or deepen your philanthropy using innovative approaches and best practices
  • An overview of successful approaches and tools based on where we as a society are today and how we got here
  • Real life examples of, and steps to follow to be, an impactful philanthropist

“This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the often overlooked, sometimes entirely invisible, role played by those who work to facilitate better giving…But it is far more than a ‘how to’ resource for funders and others interested in philanthropy, it is a valuable testimony to the positive contribution that private giving can and does make in a world that is very much in need of all the help it can get.” – Beth Breeze (Author, In Defence of Philanthropy)


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