Knowledge Development

Our Mission

RPA’s mission is to help donors achieve thoughtful, effective philanthropy throughout the world. We achieve this mission both through the philanthropy we help create and through our work in sharing knowledge. Engaged, informed donors inspire and encourage other donors, leading to increased social impact and satisfaction with giving.

As the leading philanthropic advisory service, we are a significant resource for developing and disseminating knowledge about the field of philanthropy. We provide a range of direct knowledge and support services to donors to help them develop and implement effective and personally meaningful giving. We communicate about impact and results; we provide in-depth research on issue areas, trends in the sector and best practices; and we develop tools and publications to guide donors through the process of strategic giving.

Examples of our work:

  • Philanthropy Roadmap: Our Philanthropy Roadmap guides constitute a curriculum of key issues donors face as they develop a significant philanthropic engagement, including approach, family roles, operations, focus, impact and involvement.
  • Donor Programs: We develop and deliver education, training and tools to share information with donors (and advisors who serve donors) on a spectrum of issues related to giving.
  • Research: We provide in-depth perspective on funding areas, approaches to giving, benchmarking and sector trends.  
  • White papers and other publications: We produce information on strategic approaches, trends in philanthropy, issue areas, etc. based on the needs of our clients.