The Philanthropy Roadmap

The Philanthropy Roadmap is a series of brief guides designed to introduce you to the world of thoughtful, effective philanthropy. It’s a roadmap for donors—individuals, couples, families or groups—offering an overview of issues that philanthropists may want to consider as they create their own giving strategies.

Your Philanthropy Roadmap

"Your Philanthropy Roadmap" is the first in a series of brief guides designed to introduce you to the world of thoughtful, effective philanthropy, and outlines five key milestones on the path towards developing a giving plan.

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Assessing my impact

Measuring the impact of your giving is an important but challenging part of a thoughtful philanthropic plan. Assessment not only ensures accountability; evidence of success and lessons learned can also inform future grantmaking decision for you and other donors.

Assessing Impact

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Deciding who will join me

For many donors, philanthropy is a way to not only do good in the world, but also to have a shared a significant experience with family members. Giving together is an opportunity to learn together, develop a legacy and transmit values. If you're giving with your family, it's important to think about who will be involved and how decisions will be made.

Talking To Your Family About Philanthropy

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Exploring how I think change will happen

Thinking about how you believe change will happen—whether through remediation, research, policy, innovation or any number of other approaches—is an important step in creating a thoughtful giving plan.

Making Change Happen

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Finding my giving focus

Narrowing the focus on what challenges you want to tackle and defining what outcomes you seek can help determine not only your current giving strategy but the ways your philanthropy can create its legacy for future generations.

Finding Your Focus in Philanthropy

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Reflecting on my motivations

Identifying your values and motivations is the first step in any thoughtful giving strategy. Spending time to reflect early on will inform grantmaking and assessment strategies down the road.

The Giving Commitment: Knowing Your Motivation

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Filantropie v časech krize

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필란트로피 활동의 길잡이

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Seu Roteiro para a Filantropia

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Su Hoja de Ruta en Filantropia

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