Fiscal Sponsorship

For donors whose funding goals require a neutral but professionally managed fiscal home, RPA offers comprehensive fiscal sponsorship services that can help you make an impact quickly and efficiently.

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, RPA’s fiscal sponsorship supports the development of innovative, high-impact projects for funders around the globe: foundations, major corporations, government agencies, and collaborative efforts of like-minded donors who wish to pool their resources for a lasting impact. With 15 years of sponsorship experience, we know what needs to happen in order to get your program off the ground; we also provide an administrative and programmatic platform to assist the management of a project at any stage of its development.

Sponsored Projects also benefit from our existing operational infrastructure and world-class philanthropic expertise. Our staff can provide program, administrative and management support as needed, in strategy and capacity building, finance, tax and accounting, human resources, risk/liability, grantmaking and advisory services.


Oceans 5

Oceans 5 is an international funder collaborative dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans. Oceans 5 focuses its investments and support on l...

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