Collaborative Giving

RPA helps committed funders join forces around a common goal, significantly magnifying their collective impact. If you’re interested in collaborative giving, you can trust that we’ll handle the logistics as we support a successful relationship between you and your grantees.

As you combine financial and organizational resources, you can draw on our extensive experience in establishing governance, creating grantmaking guidelines, identifying outcomes and managing RFP processes. Additionally, RPA can help support you and your partners in managing complex grants: we specialize in expenditure responsibility, international grants, multi-year commitments, and grants that support policy or advocacy goals. If you need structure and oversight, you can rely on our fiscal sponsorship services.

Overall, we work with you in order to create the tactical systems and guiding principles that can bring your shared vision to life.


Oceans 5

Oceans 5 is an international funder collaborative dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans. Oceans 5 focuses its investments and support on l...

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