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Foresight & Futures Initiative: Workshop Report

March 19, 2024

In January, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) brought together Community of Practice members and key partners at its inaugural Foresight & Innovation Beehive in Turin, Italy. The more than two dozen participants hailed from six countries across Europe and North America. Langdon Morris, leader and senior partner at InnovationsLab, facilitated the workshop.

RPA launched Foresight & Futures Community of Practice to answer questions like “How do we not only cope with change but proactively anticipate the challenges and opportunities, and shape our capabilities, strategies and interventions accordingly?” or “How do we democratize who shapes, defines and drives the future?” Answering these and other questions will help philanthropy institutionalize best practices offered by the disciplines of foresight and futurism.

RPA’s Foresight & Futures Community of Practice is comprised of thoughtful foundations and nonprofit partners, working to collectively engage in applied learning and explore ways to help philanthropy better understand what’s coming next and design adaptable solutions.

Read a full summary report for the first Beehive convening here.

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