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Giving as a Family for the Holiday Season

November 21, 2017

With Thanksgiving in the United States and “Giving Tuesday” right around the corner, and the end-of-year holidays rapidly approaching, families around the world are preparing and reviewing their giving strategies. While philanthropy often has a goal of helping others in need, working together for a cause also often has the impact for many families of drawing them closer.

Whether giving is an annual tradition for your family, or a new activity, the RPA Philanthropy Roadmap guide Talking to Your Family about Philanthropy has tips on ensuring that you can work together effectively to make this holiday season giving the most thoughtful and effective yet. And it all starts with taking the right approach to communication. From the Guide:

“Giving can create, strengthen and define relationships. But because philanthropy is often a deeply personal act, many donors may feel reluctant to talk about their motivations and convictions—even with their families.

“They may worry that starting a conversation about their own giving will be seen as self-important, or even worse, feel threatening to the family. Nothing could be further from the truth. To discuss philanthropy with loved ones is to share one of life’s most fulfilling activities with them.

“Of course, expectations should be realistic. Such conversations initially can be awkward and can lead to honest disagreement. And though sharing philanthropy has proven meaningful for many families, starting a foundation is unlikely to make a family close if family dynamics suggest otherwise. Still, philanthropy usually reflects genuine commitment and values. And when family members understand such heartfelt goals, relationships have the opportunity to grow.”

Click here to read the full Talking to Your Family about Philanthropy guide.

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