It’s Up to Us.

In 2022, we at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors updated our mission and values as part of our look back at 20 years of leadership in the philanthropic sector and our look forward to what’s ahead. The vision we’ve created as an organization and the values we’ve embraced individually are reflected in this video, created as part of our 20th Anniversary All Colleagues Retreat, which brought together RPA employees from around the world. 

“It’s up to us.” refers to the individual and collective responsibility we share when it comes to tough challenges, interpersonal behaviors, forging partnerships, advancing our work and mission of “accelerating philanthropy in pursuit of a just world.” In “It’s up to us.” we placed a period as a full stop to emphasize the conviction with which we speak. At our 2022 All Colleagues Retreat, where this video was shown, our employees left feeling a little more informed, a little more inspired, and with a stronger internal commitment to be the change we want to see in ourselves at RPA and the people and communities we serve. This is how we embarked upon our journey with “It’s up to us.”