SDG Philanthropy Platform

Practical Guidance for Donors to Align with the SDGs:

Philanthropy and the SDGs: Getting Started (Volume I): Gain an understanding of why and how you can work with the SDGs.

Philanthropy and the SDGs: Practical Tools for Alignment (Volume II)Learn how to plan, assess, report and take action on the SDGs.


In 2015, all 193 Member States of the UN pledged to achieve an ambitious set of 17 goals over the next 15 years. These Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, address global issues, envisioning a world where, no one lives in extreme poverty, all children have access to education, and all nations make rapid progress on tackling climate change.

To help the philanthropy sector engage more effectively in the global development goal processes, RPA launched the SDG Philanthropy Platform, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Foundation Center (FC), with seed funding from the Conrad N. Hilton, Ford and The MasterCard Foundations, and growing support from other partners.

This initiative exemplifies RPA’s capacity to serve as a resource and thought leader on global development and philanthropy. The Platform can help small and large foundations alike to access useful country-specific information; to locate allies within a country’s development system; to build stronger relationships with partners and find good entry points for grantmaking; to convene more purposefully and share strategies with funders of all sizes; and to more easily track progress.

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