Kelly Diggins


As a member of RPA’s global philanthropy team, Kelly has managed complex initiatives including the SDG Philanthropy Platform, the Shifting Systems initiative, in addition to individual philanthropy client engagements. She regularly organizes events for RPA’s funder networks and the philanthropy community. Kelly has worked with RPA’s major European and U.S. clients, supporting SDG strategy development, evaluation programs, as well as grantmaking programs.

Prior to RPA, Kelly served as a Kiva Fellow collaborating with micro-finance institutions in Costa Rica and Guatemala. She has a diverse background ranging from working in the legal field as a paralegal to volunteering for youth development organizations.

Kelly received a B.A. in Global Economics and Latin American Studies from UC Santa Cruz, and a Trans-Global Executive MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California. Kelly has extensive experience in Latin America as an Amigos de las Américas volunteer implementing community service projects and focusing on sustainable development while living in Honduras, Paraguay, and Dominican Republic.

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