Peter Gill Case

Board Member, RPA Inc.

Peter Gill Case is an architect, developer, and Principal at Truth Box Architects in Providence, Rhode Island, focusing on bringing sustainable design to the urban core. Recent work includes affordable, energy-efficient multi-family housing, and new structures built with renewable and/or reusable materials, such as the Box Office in Providence, made from 37 recycled shipping containers.

Peter serves on the board of the Rockefeller Family Fund, a leading advocate for mitigating climate change, protecting democracy, and advancing economic justice for women. Peter served as President for seven years.

In 2019, Peter co-founded the Equation Campaign, which funds local movements to keep fossil fuels in the ground and promote environmental justice. In 2019 he also co-founded BankFWD, to press banks to end loans supporting new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

That same year, Peter was appointed to serve on the Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council (EERMC) of Rhode Island, which manages a $200 million portfolio of energy-efficiency incentives for residential and commercial ratepayers.

Peter received a BA in Urban Studies from Brown University (1983), an M.Ed from Harvard (1987) and an M.Arch from Rhode Island School of Design (1997)

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