Sara Lopez Gonzalez

Senior Associate

Sara Lopez Gonzalez joined Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in October 2021 as a Senior Associate for the Sponsored Projects and Funds team. In the SP&F team, Mejias works on a portfolio in the practice area of environment, rights, and global development. While the needs of every sponsored project are distinctive, Mejias generally assist clients with project management, contracts, payments, and grants management.

Prior to RPA, Sara was a Coordinator for the Center for Computational Mathematics at the Flatiron Institute, part of the Simons Foundation. Previously, Mejias was the Coordinator of STEM Investments for Boston Public Schools, funded through the GE Foundation. Mejias was also a College Advisor in two Boston public high schools through the College Advising Corps. Mejias, in addition, co-founded a nonprofit to help urban refugees find services in cities through an incubator course at Boston University, and now serves on their Board of Directors. Through her experiences in the non-profit field, Mejias has built a passion for the philanthropic sector and its position to ignite change with the collaboration of on-the-ground partners.

Sara holds an M.A. in Politics from New York University and a B.A. in International Relations from Boston University. Her research broadly focuses on forced migration, immigration reform, and social movements through both quantitative and qualitative methods. During her spare time, Mejias loves to go to CrossFit, read memoirs, explore museums, and bake. A native of Guantanamo, Cuba, Mejias migrated and grew up in Oregon, USA.

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