Tobechukwu Mary-Ann Njideaka

Program Analyst, Financial Inclusion

Tobechukwu joined Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in April 2021 as a Program Analyst for the Financial Inclusion program in Nigeria, which is focused on regulation, technology, and product design to enable digital financial services (DFS) to support the growth of financial inclusion of the poor. She provides project management, operational and technical support, and manages the review and execution of contracts and MoUs. As a key contact for client relationships, she oversees the active coordination of operations to ensure timeliness and efficiency of services across platforms. She leverages her expertise and experience in Financial Inclusion to build and manage relationships with key stakeholders and partners in Nigeria, liaise with the RPA teams, and ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

Before joining RPA, Tobechukwu worked as a research associate in the Sustainable & Inclusive Digital Financial Service Initiative, Lagos Business School focused on conducting in-depth explorationinto the digital financial services industry in Nigeria to provide an understanding of the regulatory landscape, economic and business models for delivering products that improve the financial well-being of Nigerians, particularly the poor, women and rural dwellers. She is particularly interested in financial inclusion as it cuts across sustainable growth and national development.

With a background in information science, Tobechukwu have a view of charting a path that goes beyond career advancement to pioneering innovative research and data/information management systems towards sustainable business growth and national development.

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