Family Philanthropy

Giving together not only affords your family the chance to work on issues that inspire collective passion, but also provides an opportunity to learn more about, appreciate, and engage with each other’s vision for a better world. If you’re a parent or grandparent in particular, family philanthropy creates an attractive combination of present and future: your family can share a meaningful experience in the here-and-now while building a tradition of giving for future generations.

Learn from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors’ years of experience in working with philanthropic families.

When we engage with families, our goal is to help individual voices be heard while encouraging unity around shared values that inspire giving. Your family can draw from the insights we have acquired, our experience with a diversity of styles, goals and programs, and our ability to work seamlessly with and across multiple generations. By helping build consensus and guiding your family toward a giving plan that truly reflects your identity, we can help your family to nurture long-term effectiveness and create a powerful philanthropic legacy.


Fundación Amparo

RPA's work with a Mexican family foundation transitioning leadership to its next generation.

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