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Supporting Recovery from the Maui Wildfires

August 10, 2023
Developing Crisis

The wildfires in Maui–one of the deadliest fire incidents in United States history–have devastated families and ravaged homes, structures, and natural landscapes. The loss has deeply impacted all on the island, and has been especially poignant for Native Hawaiians, whose cultural heritage is deeply intertwined with the land.

Recovery from such a catastrophic event is not a quick fix. It’s a multi-year journey that demands sustained support from individuals, families, and institutions. The depth of recovery extends beyond rebuilding structures; it involves rebuilding lives, hopes, and aspirations. Several organizations that have stepped up to provide assistance are listed below. While we believe these to be reputable organizations, please conduct your own due diligence as factors on the ground change rapidly.

We encourage ongoing committment to aiding those affected in a way that aligns with your organization’s strategic objectives, even when media attention fades. For additional guidance, consider reviewing our guide on Giving Strategically After Disaster.

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