The Philanthropy Framework

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s newest publication in the Theory of the Foundation initiative is The Philanthropy Framework, a tool for analysis and planning to guide emerging and established philanthropies to better align resources for maximum impact.

Created with input from leaders from more than 50 foundations worldwide (see the complete list below), the Philanthropy Framework seeks to address fundamental changes in philanthropy and the world such as generational shifts in attitudes, massive wealth creation, diversity of capital, new models for impact, and new operating environments among others.

“Emerging models of philanthropy in the last 20 years have transformed the traditional ways in which funders – whether they’re individuals, families, corporations or foundations – accomplish their goals,  approach organizational design,  and manage key resources,” said Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors CEO Melissa A. Berman. “We worked with many of the largest, most thoughtful and strategic global philanthropists to develop a practical, useful guide to enable existing, new and next generation philanthropists to create more meaningful social impact. We are pleased to make the outcomes of this thinking available to others.”

From aligning trustees, board and staff around core concepts and values, to assessing ideal philanthropic structures, to considering how best to deploy resources, the Framework gives philanthropies new tools for analyzing how to make decisions to evolve with changing times.

Read or print The Philanthropy Framework here.