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Providing Support to Morocco

September 11, 2023
Developing Crisis

On September 8, 2023, a staggering magnitude 6.8 earthquake wrought havoc across Morocco. This is the most devastating earthquake in over a century, and the death toll has surpassed 2,000 lives lost.

In the wake of this seismic upheaval, search and rescue operations are underway, but the grim prognosis from the Interior Ministry suggests that the toll of tragedy may climb higher. Two aftershocks have also shaken the region, with the most recent registering at a magnitude of 3.9, adding to the turmoil at hand.

The gravity of the crisis is further underscored by the struggles of communities stranded and awaiting aid. This challenge is compounded by heaps of debris blocking roads and making rural locations inaccessible. The resilience of Moroccan communities and their journey toward recovery is filled with challenges. Below is a list of several organizations that are rising to the occasion to support Morocco during this devastating time.

While we vouch for the integrity of these organizations, we strongly encourage you to exercise due diligence. For more information about these organizations, please check Charity Navigator and Guidestar. You can also read more about how to support disaster relief in the New York Times and TIME Magazine.

We encourage ongoing commitment to aiding those affected in a way that aligns with your organization’s strategic objectives. For additional guidance, consider reviewing our guide on Giving Strategically After Disaster.

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