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Unlocking the Full Potential of Philanthropy for Development: Workshop Recap

October 08, 2019


On Wednesday, September 25th, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors co-hosted an event on Unlocking the Full Potential of Philanthropy for Development. The event aimed to promote strategic reflection on how to partner with philanthropic actors for the development.

The meeting was highly productive. Topics of discussion included finding pathways for multi-sector collaboration on the SDGs, and opportunities for accelerating growth and improving the effectiveness of private resources, especially in emerging markets and the Global South.

This was a fantastic opportunity that highlighted the importance of working together to maximize impact in order to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Different groups broke out to workshop to discuss challenges and solutions surrounding the SDGs. As one group noted, “there is a need for increased online or in person convening that breaks down language and geographical barriers to more effectively align with the SDGs.”

RPA was proud to hand over the SDG Philanthropy Platform to the WINGS Global Philanthropy Network at this event after several years of co-leading the platform. RPA, UNDP and WINGS will work together over a three month period of transition to ensure that the SDG Philanthropy Platform continues to have an impact.

It is crucial that the ideas, optimism and lively discussion from this event doesn’t end there. The Sustainable Development Goals are ubiquitous and, as RPA President and CEO Melissa Berman stated in her closing remarks at the event, “It may be true that 98.9% of the world doesn’t know what the SDGs are, but they know what inequality is and they know they want to make the world a better place.”

Download a short video slideshow from the event here.

Moderator: Mr. Matt Reeves, Global Lead for Civil Society, Aga Khan Foundation

Speakers included:

  • Marcos Athias Neto, Director, Finance Sector Hub, UNDP
  • Benjamin Bellegy, Executive Director, WINGS
  • Gloria Cid Gerlach, Head Representative in the U.S., La Caixa Foundation
  • Michael Mapstone, Director of International, Charities Aid Foundation
  • Natasha Matic, Deputy CEO, King Khalid Foundation
  • Suzanty Sitorus, Executive Board Member, Indonesia Philanthropy Association
  • Ricardo Henriques, Executive Director, Instituto Unibanco, Brazil
  • Heather Grady, Vice President, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

To learn more about the SDG Philanthropy Platform, click here.

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