Scaling Solutions

Many funders are on a constant quest to have more impact—to be sure that the funds they deploy make a meaningful difference. Over the last few years, funders have begun to focus more on their own practices, not just those of grantees, in creating impact. Related to this is a focus on shifting from funding individual projects to supporting more sustained, deeper level transformations in society.

Five organizations launched the Scaling Solutions initiative in late 2016 to encourage funders to work in more collaborative ways to place longer-term and adaptive resources with grantees and investees to accelerate scalable solutions that target systemic changes addressing pressing global problems.

The Scaling Solutions Steering Group, composed of the Skoll, Porticus, Ford and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundations, working with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, examined when, how, and why some organizations’ solutions and impact have been able to grow at significant scale, and achieve the system-level shifts that they and their funders had anticipated. We wanted to know more about what internal and external factors have mattered most, and what roles funders and funding played in such cases.

In our Scaling Solutions Toward Shifting Systems report, produced by RPA in collaboration with the Skoll, Porticus, Ford and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundations, we examine how funders can work in more collaborative ways to place longer-term, adaptive and responsive resources to accelerate scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

The Scaling Solutions report can also be accessed in Spanish and in Portuguese.

We recently hosted a workshop in Bogotá, Colombia that brought together the Scaling Solutions work with the SDG initiative, entitled Scaling Impact through the Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to read a recap of this session.