Academy for College Excellence

The Academy for College Excellenceis dedicated to ensuring that America's community colleges create a supportive and empowering learning environment for their most vulnerable students — those with a deep desire for a college education but who may not be prepared academically and emotionally to get it.  These are young adults who have tremendous capacity to survive the worst circumstances and have unique strengths to contribute to the 21st Century workforce.

Community colleges are such an important gateway to personal and professional success for these students.   Affordable and open to everyone, community colleges provide a way for people of all ages to learn the skills that will lift them out of poverty and make them productive members — and leaders — of our communities.

Since its founding in 2002, the Academy for College Excellence has carefully developed, tested, refined, and scaled a combination of solutions designed to empower young adults and create a fundamental change in community colleges in two ways:

  • by providing community colleges with a program that sparks transformational intrinsic change in vulnerable students, which prepares them for academic, professional, and personal success.
  • by helping faculty, administrators, and staff better understand the unique vulnerabilities of their students.

The Academy for College Excellence is now poised to bring its solutions to community colleges across the country.  The goal is to prepare thousands of young adults across the country to obtain that all-important college degree and break the cycle of poverty from which they and their families often come.

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Goal: Helping community colleges across the nation provide a transformational learning experience for vulnerable students who have a deep desire for a college education but are not academically or emotionally prepared to get it.

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