Kaduna State Government (KDSG) Financial Inclusion Program

The Kaduna State Government (KDSG) has embarked on a concerted and holistic set of programs to change the trajectory of the state from one that is dependent on fiscal transfers to one that is fiscally sustainable with increasing trends in economic development, social welfare, security & justice and governance. To date, KDSG has, through partnerships with several development institutions/partners, embarked on several holistic programs and is judged to be committed in delivering its promises to its residents.

BMGF believes that digitization and specifically the adoption of digital financial services (DFS) is a key contributor to the KDSG objectives. To support KDSG, BMGF through RPA as a fiscal sponsor, sponsored:

  • the conduct of a feasibility study on Kaduna State as an integral step to identifying the critical infrastructure, policy and regulation that are lacking in the State. It is anticipated that the study will provide the basis for the design of interventions that the State intends to implement.
  • the secondment of a financial inclusion expert as a technical adviser to the Executive Governor’s office to facilitate and manage the feasibility study process, findings, outputs and implementation.

Through this support, the following have been achieved:

  • A feasibility study and digital readiness assessment completed
  • A vision and blueprint for an interoperable state-wide digital payments infrastructure was developed for the state
  • Establishment of the state’s financial inclusion communities of practice.


Feasibility study and assessment reports and the financial inclusion blueprint can be made available on request. Kindly complete a request form here.