Nigeria Financial Services (NFS) Maps

The Nigerian financial services industry has over time lacked comprehensive, timely and trusted data for financial stakeholder’s decision-making – determine whitespaces, perform risk-based supervision, effectively develop and evaluate policies, perform regulatory mandates, and provide overall effective payment system oversight. To address this deficiency, RPA as a fiscal sponsor for BMGF, supports the ecosystem in the development of an interactive geospatial tool for financial inclusion analysis that makes use of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to improve the measurement and tracking of financial access points. This tool is called the Nigeria Financial Services (NFS) Maps.

NFS Maps is a portable data stack aimed at increasing and improving volume, variety, velocity and veracity of available data to financial authorities and other stakeholders. It was conceived through a collaboration between the CBN, NIBSS and BMGF in 2017, RPA being the fiscal sponsor on behalf of BMGF.

  • Objective:

Provide market-ready data tool containing trusted, timely, comprehensive sets of data, generated by financial institutions, agents and transactions, to improve tracking and measurement of financial access points; enhance risk-based supervision and payment oversight; and provide analytics on users (merchants, agents, bank branches) and financial inclusion insights (transaction channel success & failure rates, volume and value of transactions).

  • Capabilities:

Aggregate, organize, process, and visualize information on all financial access points in the financial sector from trusted sources to aid financial institutions/ agents and financial stakeholders in decision making.

  • Benefit:

Allow regulators, organizations and market players to have better informed decision-making and to implement their mandates more effectively.

  • Initial Recipients:

Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the private sector. It is to be hosted by NIBSS, maintained and co-owned by both regulatory institutions. Sets of dashboards will be customized for the CBN and other stakeholders to access, visualize and digest relevant data.

Key Specifications of the NFS Maps can be found in this slide deck.

**NFS maps link coming soon.**