National Social Investment Office (NSIO)

The NSIO was established by the federal government of Nigeria in 2016 to develop social protection interventions as a key strategy towards reducing poverty and socio-economic vulnerabilities in the population, and to encourage the digitization of government-to-person (G2P) payments and financial inclusion.  The NSIO provides oversight functions for the National Social Investment Programmes (N-SIPs), to establish standard delivery mechanisms for social benefits, eliminate duplication of roles and responsibilities, and create proper coordination and synergy amongst key Ministries, departments, and agencies. The NSIO coordinates the effective delivery of the following social programmes in Nigeria:

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In supporting the role and goal of the NSIO, RPA through consultants, undertook an assessment and evaluation of all N-SIPs to draw insights for improvement and extension of these programs. Reports from the evaluation and assessment, led to the development of a detailed implementation roadmap including operating and funding models to support the sustainability of the NSIO.

Photo by George Osodi/Bloomberg via Getty Images